CNZ Audio Pedals – These are no joke!

We have partnered with CNZ Audio as a reviewer and user of their pedals. The wonderful guys at CNZ Audio gave us the opportunity to come out to their studio to try out their guitar effects pedals. We were honored to have the chance to do this, but were simply blown away by the quality of the pedals. We don’t know how they did it… but they were able to cram everything that anyone would ever want into super affordable, mini, guitar pedals. Long Story Short… We love these guys… and above all… we love their products. Come out to our shows and you will see a full set of CNZ pedals!

If you are in the market for some new guitar effects, look no further than CNZ Audio. They have it!! And you will simply not regret it.

Below are 2 of our review videos. We can not wait to work more with these guys!


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